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What is Fabrication ?

Fabrication is a critical part of the manufacturing process. From paperclips to plane parts, it’s used to create a wide variety of products.

Fabrication is an essential step in creating everything from hardware and tools to car parts and pipes. Fabricated metal products accounted for $345.1 billion of shipments in 2013 alone!

Although fabricated metal products are common, few people understand how the Fabrication process works. Most people think of welding when they hear Fabrication. But welding is just one process that metal fabricators use. So what exactly is Fabrication?

Fabrication is a manufacturing process used to shape metal into parts or end products. We use a number of techniques to shape sheet metal into a part or good.

Most Fabrication uses sheet metal, which can be up to .25 inches thick. Fabricators convert this sheet metal into products or tools. We cut, stamp, fold, or shape metal to create the finished part.

    Some examples of products made with Fabrication include:
  • Hand tools
  • Bolts, nuts, and screws
  • Cans
  • Cutlery
  • Pipes and pipe fittings
  • Metal windows and doors
  • Equipment attachments
  • Car parts

Fabrication plays a large role in creating parts for mass consumption. The mass production of products like screws, cans, cutlery, pipes and pans all fall into this category. These products tend to have consistent requirements and a wider tolerance for error. This means that the parts can differ in small ways from the original design but still function as expected.

On the other hand, Fabrication can also create large runs of customized fabricated metal products. These projects usually include the design and fabrication of customized metal parts to fit a business’ needs. Customized valves, car parts and hardware are all examples of this type of project.


The different types of fabrication fall under the end use of the product being fabricated, or by the type of process used during the fabrication process.

    Most metal fabrication falls into three primary categories:

  • Commercial

  • Industrial

  • Structural

Commercial fabrication refers to work that’s done while creating commercial products. This category covers goods designed for use by consumers. Appliances and cars are both common consumer products that use commercial fabrication.
Industrial fabrication, on the other hand, creates pieces that are used in other equipment. This equipment, in turn, manufactures consumer goods. Manufacturers use most products of industrial fabrication. For instance, bandsaws and ironworking machines are both products of industrial fabrication.
Structural fabrication refers to metalworking that’s done as part of the building process. Usually large-scale fabrication projects create the metal components used by shops, manufacturers, buildings and skyscrapers.
Each of these categories use a wide variety of processes. Metal fabrication can use just one of these processes, and may depend on a combination of processes.
Many metal fabrication projects require multiple steps. Even relatively straightforward products, like a pot or a pan, require a variety of techniques. The metal fabrication process goes beyond simply shaping metal.

Specifications of fabrication :-

About fabrication Manufacturers in India

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Applications and Uses of fabrication :-

  1. Oil and Gas Industries
  2. Chemical Industries
  3. Petrochemical Industries
  4. Paper & Pulp Industry
  5. Aerospace Industry
  6. Fluid Piping Industry
  7. Nuclear Industries
  8. Food Processing Industries and many more.